About Freemasonry

“What is a Mason”

“A Mason is a member of the oldest and largest goodwill fraternity in the world, known as Masonry or Freemasonry. Masonry teaches that each man has a duty to make life better, not just for himself, but for everyone.

Whether that means helping to clean up the environment, volunteering on civic projects, or helping a child learn how to read – Masons make a difference every day. Although Masonry is not a religion, members must have a belief in a Supreme Being. All religions are welcome. Masonry insists on toleration and the right for each member to think for himself in religious, social, and political matters. Like any fraternity, some of the Masonic information is privileged to only the members. However, Masonry is not a secret society. It does not hide its existence or attempt to conceal the purposes, goals, or principles of Masonry. Most importantly, Masons are presented with the opportunity to grow as individuals, are provided with the tools to make a difference, and are challenged to leave the world a better place. Our Mission To be the first choice of men of quality, who will contribute to the strength of the organization and enhance its ability to achieve its vision. Freemasonry in Michigan shall accomplish this by creating a growing, active, relevant organization of great appeal that is well known and respected for making a difference.

Vision of Masons

Freemasonry in Michigan shall be a preeminent organization for men of quality, regardless of race, religion or creed, consistently delivering, by symbols, allegory and example, a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty and strength of character, a fraternal organization committed to charity, true fellowship and brotherly love under the Fatherhood of God; and a relevant organization dedicated to delighting, involving and educating members and their families in the community, where the lodge is a vibrant, respected and contributing part of community life.

The Organization must be well-led, committed to excellence, maintain quality programs and quality use of time and should forge alliances within the community designed both to help the community and develop the character of masons.

A man who becomes a Michigan Mason can expect to find in his fraternity the opportunity to learn and to lead; to be inspired and entertained; to be challenged and respected; to be involved with his family, his Brothers and his community; and be proud to be a member of an organization committed to making a difference.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Masons Believe in Courage, Kindness, and Generosity We’ve watched the centuries pass, wars fought, diseases cured, countries founded and destroyed. While the world has continued to evolve, the principal foundations of what Masons believe in have not wavered.

We believe in . . .

  • Kindness in the home
  • Honesty in business
  • Courtesy in society
  • Fairness and dependability in work
  • Compassion and support for the weak and less fortunate
  • Brotherly love and respect for one another
  • Devotion to a Supreme Being

While Masonry is an ancient organization that has impacted the world in so many positive ways, it’s not for everyone. That is part of what makes us unique in the world today. Words like honor, virtue, and integrity describe how we choose to live our lives.”

– Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan www.grandlodgemi.org

For membership inquires or more information please contact Lodge Secretary at mmmrou@aol.com